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Success stories: Amanda’s 12 week challenge

We started our 12 week body transformation program last year and everyone who has done it so far has seen amazing results, so today’s success story comes from Amanda Oldroyd who has just completed her 12 weeks.

  (Amanda with her daughter)

‘Well where do I start? The fact that over the years, I’ve tried many things from weight watchers to juice plus, eaten low fat foods, exercised many times a week, counted macros within an inch of my life, cut out carbs & all of this for what?’
‘I needed an achievable & sustainable goal that would fit in & around my family & work commitments. I needed structure , no more fad diets or cutting out carbs , I needed something that would work for the rest of my life & something that would work with my wheat & gluten intolerance’s.’
‘So after a hysterectomy, gaining weight yet again, feeling deflated, confidence very low & not wanting to look at myself in the mirror, I knew I had to change something.’ 
(Amanda before and after the 12 week plan, Amanda lost 5 inches off her waist)
‘Fast forward to 12 weeks later, having put my all into making a better version of me , someone who’s more positive, healthier, leaner, fitter, stronger & having dropped inches & lbs, I can safely say it’s the best amount of money that I’ve invested in myself!
‘Do I regret anything? Hell no! The only thing I wish is that I’d started this earlier!’
‘I’ve had the best support from Danny & the team, they’ve gone above & beyond any expectations . They’ve pushed me to my max & more importantly , believed in me ❤ ❤ !  I love the classes. Pts & learning how to get the best results , whilst eating full fat foods !! Yes I did just sat “ full fat “ !! Popcorn , ice cream & chocolate.  All this & what I’ve achieved has made me feel fantastic!’
‘This is just the start of the rest of my life & ive got lots to learn & lots of chocolate to eat! So what are you waiting for? 😉’
(Amanda, 43, Gisburn)


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