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Katie’s Success Story: Newborn Baby… New Job… New Me!

This success story comes straight from our Maree Leisure team!

Katie is our newest addition to our ever growing and always strengthening leisure team, as soon as she started working for us it was obvious that she was exactly what the gym was missing!    Gym’s are often portrayed as a slightly more masculine environment, and with our links with boxing maybe that’s even more so for Maree Leisure  (even though we work hard to make our gym very inclusive) , however Katie wasn’t even slightly phased by that and reveled in the challenge of completely redirecting her career and learning new skills.

Katie also has personal experience of going through the struggles of not being happy with her body/weight so she knows exactly how to balance looking after your self, with real life problems such as learning a whole new job or taking care of a new born baby!

Read Katie’s story below:

‘I was nearing the end of my maternity leave and getting ready to get back into my flying career with EasyJet. I decided I needed to get in shape whilst I had a bit more time before going back to work, and wanted to lose the baby weight!’

‘I saw that Maree Leisure was offering a 7 day free pass for the Bootcamp classes- I booked on that evening. I was nervous at first as I had been out of the game for a while looking after my little boy, and had lost confidence as I was unhappy with the way I looked.’

‘I had no need to worry – I loved it! There was such a lovely atmosphere and I felt that I could go at my own pace without being judged. I carried on coming to a couple of classes a week to start with and enjoyed it that much I even became part of the team and started working here!’

‘I have been here just over a year now and the difference in the shape of my body is amazing-I didn’t even realise the change until I put on an old pair of jeans to wear and they were far too big!!!’

‘I now feel like I have so much more energy, and enjoy having a bit of ‘me time’.’

‘Danny and the whole team have been great, offering support and advice along the way.’

(Katie, Clitheroe, 31)

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